3D Workshops

Intermediate – Character Modelling in 3dsMAX

4 Week course in character modelling using 3dsMax.

Cost £150 + VAT (Total £180)

Thursdays 6.30pm-8.30pm Starting 29 March.
This course is an intermediate course, you should have a basic understanding of 3DSMAX and are looking to increase you character modelling skills

If you would like to join this course please email:

Content of course-

  1. Modelling a rough head with reference images
  2. Getting the poly loops right – topology
  3. Finishing off modelling detailed ears, teeth and eyeball, and lashes
  4. Modelling a hand, and body

Intro to Autodesk 3DSMAX

8 Week course
Cost £295 + VAT (Total £354)

Wednesdays 6.30pm-8.30pm Starting 14 March.
Unit 14, Level 6 South, New England House, Brighton.
Tel: 01273 601110

This course is now running

Course Overview

Intro to 3DSMAX will give an exciting introduction to using this industry standard 3d software. In this course you will learn how to model, animate, texture and render in 3DSMAX.
This is a beginner course, and would suit creatives looking to move into 3D.

Content of course-
  1. Intro to UI of 3ds max – navigating a scene, layers, lights, and primitives
  2. Intro to Modelling – working with polys, edges and vertices
  3. Modelling a hardsurface object
  4. Introduction to texturing – procedural materials, wrapping textures, bump and displacement mapping
  5. Rendering – lights, cameras
  6. Intro to Animation – creating keys, animation curves, animating a bouncing sphere
  7. Character animation – using the skin modifier, animating a character rig
  8. Character animation – Using the morph modifier to animate a character head