June 17, 2019

Medical Animation

A recent animation illustrating a medical procedure for plastic surgeon David Ross

I recently completed an animation showing the procedure for repairing rectus diastis, or stretching of the abdomen post pregnancy. Above is a shortened version. All the models were bespoke, as needed to create highly specific animations of each procedure.

We initially created the abdominal muscle layers.

The muscle layers of the abdomen

Moving on to show the expansion of the abdomen during pregnancy. Subsequently following birth, how abdomen can become stretched, especially the fascia of the linea alba.

Stretching of the abdomen during pregnancy

We then show the procedures for abdominal repair and hernia repair, initially showing a sequence of how the skin is elevated to allow access to the abdomen. Followed by tightening of the linea alba and removal of skin.

Elevation of the skin

Also included was a sequence showing possible hernia and tears to the abdomen and how they can be repaired.

Explaing hernia of the abdomen

The animation was created in 3DS Max using Vray Cloud and put together in After Effects.