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New character for latest project.

This is a work in progress for a current project, just a clay render of one of the characters.

Created in Vray and hair created by the amazing hairfarm plug-in.

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CODE Crocobite

I am an all powerful Croco Bite served by my fleet of underlings, the Mites, in the jungle zone at Micro- World.

This is an image created for the CODE educational book series by Oxford University Press ( OUP ).

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Project X Alien Adventures illustrations

Great review of the Project X Alien Adventures Book Project, illustrated by Jonatronix.


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Shiver me Timbers!

Here’s a robot pirate, from a personal project we are starting here at JTX.

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Choco-Moo Behind the Scenes

Here’s a quick behind the scenes look at how we created our latest animated advert for Choco-moo chocolate milk drink. Click ‘Choco-moo!‘ to check out the video.

Storyboard Rigging Rendering

The 3D environment lighting setup was kept relatively simple … Read More

Facial Rigging in 3ds Max

Our goal here at JTX is to create appealing, expressive characters, and so we decided a little R&D was needed to improve our facial rigging systems. Here is a quick test of a new face rig interface and some emotion … Read More

Angry Crocobot!

This snappy animation was created using the CAT rigging system within 3D S Max. We find CAT to be a fast method for rigging mech-type creatures. The idea behind this animation was a very angry crocodile being contained in … Read More