June 8, 2018

The Woollies in AR/VR/360!

Thought it would be fun to get the Woollies characters so they can be seen properly in 3D

Here’s Zip, with his guitar and hat from the upcoming book, Join the Parade, publishing in July.

To view as AR you will need to download the Sketchfab app on your phone


iphone 6s and above, ipad 2017

Download the Sketchfab app and then view this page and click on the top right box icon to view.


Download sketchfab, click  on the model above, you will be prompted to download the ARCore app from google.

You can also view in VR with Google Cardboard, or any headset.

Stay tuned, I’ll be uploading more characters, and creating some 360 environments of the woollies to view in VR and browser!